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DOSAAF - Since 1923, a mass defense organization
prepares the civilian population to defend the fatherland

Martial arts'

Being a citizen of your country
you can connect your life with a professional male profession - protection of the fatherland


Before serving in the types of troops, you can
choose a profession and undergo training at DOSAAF to enter the military service as a specialist


The Russian army today is prestige, pride and stable work with good income


Перед службой в видах войск, вы можете выбрать профессию и пройти обучение в ДОСААФ, что бы поступить на воинскую службу будучи специалистом.


Будучи гражданином своей страны вы можете связать свою жизнь с настоящей мужской профессией - защитника отечества.


Experience real emotions by completing training in sports specialties


Power in a metal shell in the hands of ordinary people. Service in the Russian Army is a real valor and a man's profession


Tactics and execution of special tasks are teamwork in a team of brave fighters, a truly real merit and pride for any soldier

A country

Serving for the good of the country is true patriotism that everyone deserves

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