STRELKA founders
The main sports entertainment of the country
Become STRELKA championship representative in your city or country.
Apply for getting a franchise
franchise 1
Street fighting
The most popular sport for real men
franchise 2
50 representatives in CIS and Europe
+20 cities each year
The biggest fight club in the world, more than 10,000 participants in Russia and CIS.
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Franchise opportunities
You get:
— 100% income from tournaments in your city
— Selling tickets, merch and ads of local sponsors
— Social significance and working with young audience
— Promoting your favourite sport in your region
We provide:
A base of free fighters, filming, help in organisation,
income from federal sponsors.
franchise 4
250,000,000 on
Our channel is in TOP-3 of sports channels in Russia. 1,000,000 views each day and 250 mil views of total.
STRELKA is the third in popularity on YouTube after UFC and Bellator based on number of views.
Our YouTube channel
franchise 5
Legal part
STRELKA is a social event
Our tournaments are not a competitive sport, TRON corporation calls it a «sports entertainment». Publicly recognised by Vince McMahon in 1989.
We collaborate with cities administration and  state institutions.