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X88 years of live history
Advertising on sports events and tournaments
is the most effective investment to help rise demand and recognition of your brand.
Our company is a subsidiary of Tron Holdings Inc in Russia. We own STRELKA®, ARROWS®, THRONES® trademarks and patents in USA Congress about fighting on sand.
+40% Annual audience increase
Our street fighting tournaments are huge events that cannot be ignored. Advertising on sports events is very profirable because you promote your brand to your target audience. Projects start to grow fast and generate income!
Wide audience coverage is possible not only because of the tournaments, but also thanks to our one of most popular channels accordingly to views statistics on since 2018. There are a lot of regular audeince visiting our tournaments and also celebrity bloggers and mass media.
In all countries
We have the most active male audience on our channel from all over the world.
70Save up to 70%
of your time
Cooperate directly
Terms of contract negotiation:
  • with the participation of the agency up to 45 working days;
  • directly up to 10 working days.
Cashback 10% and higher
We pay to those who direct partners to us.
You can get income from our partership with companies that you directed to us.
Advertising types
We have many effective ways of placing advertising on our platforms. You can find out more about types of ads and prices below.
  • Placing a logo on the corner pillows, flags, judge's t-shirts, etc.
  • Placing an animation in the video on YouTube.
  • Promotion in social media ( and Instagram)
Legal terms
You can enter into a contract in three continental zones. We have companies in USA, Russia and Baltic countries to work in Europe and also accept cashless payments and cryptocurrency, which makes working with us extremely comfortable.
Views prices
We are the only company on YouTube in Russia that accepts payments for ads based on amount of views.
You pay for advertising based on desired amount of views.
Your ad is placed in video till it gets a specified in the contract amount of views.
Sport №1 in Russia
Strelka is the most popular Russian sports channel on YouTube and one of 10 most popular sports channels in the world!
First car brand
As part of filming the STRELKA championship we have cars with our branding.
Advertising pack for 1 tournament (13 fights)
  • Placing a logo on the corner pillow
  • Placing an ad in every video of the tournament
  • 20 posts on our social media and Instagram
Minimal pack coverage
  • 3 millions of views on YouTube and higher, +20-40% of annual increase
  • The amount of viewers is 150-300 people
Advertising pack for the whole summer (12-16 tournaments)
  • Placing a logo on two corner pillows
  • Placing a logo on 4 lower pillows
  • Placing 2 ads in every video of the tournament, 7-10 seconds each
  • Promotion programm on
  • 10 reposts on Instagram
  • Logo on YouTube channel header and VK header
  • Logos on judge's and staff t-shirts
  • Object with logo by the ring (car, barrel, etc.)
  • Promo-video announcing the partnership
  • EXP achievement with your logo
  • Other opportunities need to be discussed
Real views only
We provide you real views thanks to  integrating your brand in our content unobtrusively.
We collaborate on YouTube with popular bloggers and channels to advertise your brand.
Graphic advertising
Graphic advertising
Main partner
Full integration of your brand into бренда STRELKA championship in every way.
BC «МАРАФОН» is our partner since 2017.
Contact us
For collaboration send an application to our e-mail: