First financial experience in the world - EXP
Digital experience EXP is made for fighters and investors of STRELKA championship.
We count strikes, throws and punches of our fighters and give them achievements for YouTube views and spectacular performance. Achievements can be exchanged to real money.
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For investors
By buying EXP you invest in STRELKA
Digital experience EXP lets you become a STRELKA investor. Create an account and buy EXP. We invest your money in championship developing, which gets more YouTube views, ads sells, tickets sells and other. This brings income to fighters, investors and STRELKA championship.
Main indicators
Fighting pass for iPhone and Android
Download our free app without ads and paid options. An app gives you an opportunity to edit your account and follow tournaments through your phone.
For fighters
Participate in fights and earn money by doing the thing you love
Our analytics count every punch, kick and throw in real time. While doing this they give fighters achievements, that increase fighters' EXP. Your income depends on your statistics. The higher your rating is, the more popular you are.
All the countries
By travelling and performing on our tournaments you earn EXP, which you can exchange to real money in every part of the world.
A video for Fighters and Investors
Join the biggest
Fight club on the planet
The biggest Fight club in the world is waiting for you. Our community counts 500k of subscribers on YouTube and more then 350 mil of views. Also hundred of thousands people on social media.