Technical rules of street fight championship STRELKA


Only young men of 18 years old and above can participate in the tournament.

The participants should show organizers the following documents:

passport and policy of insurance;

participant’s agreement.

Weight categories:

-154 lbs Lightweight

154-176 lbs Middleweight

176-198 lbs heavyweight

198 lbs + Super heavyweight

Type of a fight

Free fight according to rules of the organization. Fighters of same sex are chosen for sparring.

Time limits

No time limits. Fights are result-oriented, they can be stopped by the referee, by the doctor or when an opponent is knocked out. A fight can be stopped at any time when one of the fighters surrenders, on his demand.

Rules for stand-up fighting

In stand-up fighting fighters can hit with hands, legs, knees or use wresting technique.

Rules for ground fighting

Free blows with hands, legs; fighters can hit blows with knees only into body. Fighters can use submissions and chokes.

Limits for ground fighting

Ground fighting can last 60 second max. The fighters can stand up at referee discretion.

What is forbidden

Rude movements of hands, blows with fingers into eyes, throat, mouth, groin, back of the head and backbone, blows with elbows and head.

Sportsmen who fight with their boots on can’t strike blows with their legs into opponent’s head in stand-up and ground fighting.

What is forbidden:

Strike blows into neck and back of the head.

Strike blows with the head.

Strike blows on joints and backbone.

Strike blows on groin.

Overhead throws with big amplitude.

Attempts to injure opponents fingers, toes and wrists.

Strike blows from standing position with leg or knee into opponent’s head when he lies on the ground.

Strike blows with a knee, leg or elbow into opponent’s head (ground fighting).

Choking with fingers, applying pressure to eyes, attempts to injure nostrils, lips, ears with fingers.

Grips on protective equipment.


Fighters can wear sportswear without rivets, buttons and lacing (T-shirt, tops, naked torso etc.).

Required equipment

Mouth guard, jockstrap, bandage.

Every participant will get the free jockstrap before the fight.