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STRELKA PHUKET 26 DEC. / First season

AddressCmt Muay Thai, MMA Training Camp & StadiumShow on map
Date25 December 2021

About the tournament

Styles Fights:

MMA on the sand

Muay Thai in MMA gloves (no elbow)

Western boxing in MMA gloves.

STRELKA Street Fight Channel on YouTube

CMT Muay Thai camp

Both participation and entrance are free of charge!!!

You have to be at least 18 years old to participate.

The event starts at 5 PM, and participants have to show up at the site at least one hour prior to that.

Please, bring your gloves, mouthpiece, hand wraps, shorts, insurance, and a document confirming your identity (passport).

Gloves could also be borrowed from the event organizers.

As always, anyone willing to participate is welcome, regardless of your nationality, skill level, or any other variable. If you feel like you are ready – fill out the form, and we will be waiting to see you in Chokchai Muay Thai camp in Phuket on the day of the event.


Calendar of events: Thailand, Phuket 26 Dec - 9 January (every Sunday)

Принять участие может каждый ! 18+ экипировку выдаем на месте.

Не оплачиваем прибытие и проживание на острове !!

Оплачивается победа и поражение.


FighterAgeWeight, kilosFightsEXPInvestmentsBets
LIGHTWEIGHT up to 70kg.
MIDDLEWEIGHT from 71 to 80kg.
HEAVYWEIGHT from 81 to 90kg.